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Hover your mouse over anything and instantly shows you the Hex and RGB code for your color in the menu-bar.

is a simple utility for digital artists, web developers and anyone working with color digitally.

was created after I kept on recieving designs from clients and designers with little to no meta data about the colors used. Every time I would find myself firing up Photoshop or something similar, just to extract the colour.

I had enough, so I decided to make a utility for myself that would allow me to see the color on the design just by hovering over with my mouse.

Quite simply, sits quietly in your menubar and knows what color is under your mouse cursor at any time. With a quick keyboard shortcut it's on your clipboard ready to be pasted into your next project.

I showed a friend who thought it was the most useful thing I had ever done, so I decided to polish it up and share it with the world.

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